Your Front Door

 – Noticeably a very important feature; it’s the visual welcoming of your home. Often, the front door is overlooked until to the end of the painting job when your painting contractor asks “what color is the front door going to be?”  So often, the reply back is “I don’t’ know, I didn’t think about that!”

The reason I decided to write this blog is for our customers and potential customers to choose exterior colors they will love for years to come, especially the all-important front door color.

Recently, I took a bike ride down our street to just to see what front door colors are painted on the homes in our neighborhood. Here’s what I discovered, from the simplest to the most dramatic entrances. They all make a curb appeal statement. there are so many different colors and they are not boring from dark and light blues, reds, yellows, light and dark stained doors---of course, always the impeccable white. Many may think “white” is not a true color, but it is. White can stand out when the body of the house is any color than white. it will stand out remarkably with white trim. 

Exterior house painting gets as much attention today as picking the color for the interior rooms of your home. If your planning an exterior house painting project and are considering a color change we can help when it comes to the house body, trim, shutters, and of course the front door color. For our customers at Sam’s Painting, we can arrange an in-home color consulting visit from a Sherwin Williams professional and provide you with color combination brochures to pour over and websites to visit as I have noted below. Sometimes choosing that front door color is a great place to start when deciding on house painting colors and may not be where to end.

 I found several interesting articles devoted to just to the color of front doors. Who would have thought it would get that much attention! So, I have listed a few of these links I found helpful to share.

Front Door Color Meanings Love a black door? Green? Purple? Here is a fun, but don’t take it to seriously, link to an article in the House Beautiful magazine fun insight into the owners’ personality.

Best Front Door Colors Better Homes & Garden featured this helpful article on how to choose a front door color.

The Front Door Color Can Bring More $$ When Selling Money magazine also dived into how the color of the front door can increase the value!