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SAM's Painting stands for craftsmanship that lasts.  

We don’t cut corners on the prep work needed for an outstanding interior or exterior painting job. And we don’t cut corners on paint quality. We are proud to use and recommend premium paints, including Sherwin-Williams.

In the glaring Florida sun, a quality exterior paint job can last seven years or more. A budget job will usually go chalky or fade within a couple of years. Exteriors should always be cleaned and prepped before painting. Primer and two coats of premium paint are recommended for color changes.

On the interior, the failure to prep surfaces properly will result in peeling paint and uneven coverage. It won’t be noticeable while the paint is wet, but you will see the difference a few weeks after it dries. 

How budget painters cut costs compared to a skilled painter

Exterior and interior repairs are one way budget painters cut corners on material and labor costs. But a craftsman will fill nail holes, smooth rough areas, tape and fill damaged corners, and block stains with a special primer on Interiors.

Exterior painting prep work requires a thorough pressure cleaning, checking and caulking windows and doors, adding a special additive for moisture and mildew control are just a few of the necessary steps for long lasting and beautiful exterior painting results.

Budget painters will use one coat of paint or, worse, alter or apply a low grade of paint. This is fast and cheaper way to paint, but it just doesn’t last as many years. When two coats of paint are needed to do the job right it can cost up to 60% more than one coat of the same brand. Detail work can also add to the cost; cutting in trim and woodwork is a skill best left to a practiced hand. But the results are sharp-looking and crisp.

Paint quality is another area where budget painters save money offering a lower price for the job.  A premium paint will have more pigment and more resin compared to a lower priced paint product. This means better coverage, scuff and dirt resistant and longer lasting color for beautiful interior and exteriors. 


We’re privileged to live and work in Volusia County

There are many fine painting contractors in Volusia County. You will find that most experienced, quality painters will give you similar bids for your painting project. That’s because we all follow the same steps, use the same methods, and choose top quality paints. But if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Homeowners and businesses in Volusia County trust Sam’s Painting to do the job right. They rely on us to provide value that endures.  

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