We Paint Your Home Like It's Our Own – No Step Overlooked - We Pay Attention to Every Detail


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All Exterior Surfaces: Stucco- Wood - Concrete - Brick & More

  • Soffit & Fascia
  • Porches, Decks & Patios
  • Staircases & Railings
  • Gutters & Downspouts
  • Shutters
  • Window trim
  • Window frames 
  • Doors - all types
  • Fencing
  • Exterior Staining

How We Prep and Paint Exteriors

Properly Prepared Exterior Surface Long Lasting Results

Properly Prepared Exterior Surface Long Lasting Results

#1 Exterior Cleaning

No matter what the exterior surface: wood, vinyl, cement board siding, brick and the ever popular stucco finish for southern homes. The very first step is a thorough cleaning of the homes' exterior to remove dirt, dust, mildew, bugs and webs - anything that clings to the home.

Every inch needs to be pressure cleaned. This includes soffits, eaves, window trim, sills, columns, railings, porch and patio floors. Starting with a clean surface is important for the paint coating to properly adhere.

Wetting down shrubs and landscaping  before and after pressure cleaning prevents damage. 

Propertly allowing the exterior a day for dry time is important so as not to trap in moisture. 


#2 patching & repairing

Exteriors take a beating from the sun, heat, cold, pounding rain and blowing debris from storms. The homes settling causes cracks to appear.  

The  professional painter will carefully choose the right product for the type of surface to be repaired for wood, stucco or block and the extent of the repair.  With the dozens and dozens of products on the market to repair holes and cracks Sam's Painting selects only the best product for the right type of surface.  Sanding surfaces and always priming are necessary before a finish coat can be applied. 

Caulking around all windows and doors with a high-quality mold and mildew resistant, most importantly to prevent water and moisture 


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#3 checking the details

in process ... 

How We Paint & Prep Interiors


Custom Interiors


For the professional residential painter there are no two homes alike-every painting project is different. Before we grab that roller or brush, we walk through the rooms to be painted, make our check list for what needs to be repaired to start the prep work. At Sam’s Painting, we cover the details, we don’t skip steps. patching, filling, sanding and priming are basic and essential to achieve high-quality results.



We don’t rush a job. We are efficient. But will stop and go over that wall crack again or sand that repair for the third time because we know it will show up in the end when the final paint is rolled on.  being organized on the job site, including safe practices for ladder set-up and use.

We have safe, organized work practices. At the end of day, we clean-up the job site to be clear of clutter. We take pride in our work and it shows with every step.  



The materials we purchase are only high-quality premium products that perform time and again. From patching materials and caulk to the right roller covers and brushes for different wall finishes, paints and stains. Smooth walls require a very different roller cover compared to textured walls, Using the wrong tools ends in a poor appearance when the final finish paint is applied. Knowledge and experience go together for efficiency and delivering skilled results for every job and every customer.