Quality - Superior Quality is Sam's Painting

Defining a Superior Quality Job at Sam’s Painting



What is Quality? Everyone talks about how important quality is in our lives when buying a product or choosing a company for a service. Here at Sam’s Painting we wanted to further define what it means to us in the way we do business and service our customers. This way, our customers can better understand what we do mean when we state we provide “Superior Quality” when it comes to painting interiors and exteriors. It’s the way we work in every aspect of our business. We go beyond what is considered acceptable work in the painting industry.”  It’s our high standards of workmanship, customer service and our work ethic!


Delivering exceptional workmanship and service to our customers is how we operate day-to-day. It’s what we do behind the scenes that’s important, it’s what the customer doesn’t see, it’s not overlooking what should be done on the job, it’s putting in the extra steps to achieve the superior results we are known for.  


Superior Quality is putting your customer first – before profit. Not getting away with what you can by using cheaper paint products, rollers or brushes all come into play when achieving excellent painting results. Practicing all the key steps for prep work, we know that giving that extra time to an additional sanding or filling a crack or that extra coat of paint will make the project last longer and look beautiful. This is what sets us apart from the discount and production painters.


There are no two projects alike – every home is different. We communicate with our customers during a   as needed for any answers to questions or unforeseeable situations that come up to keep the project moving smoothly and on schedule.


Our direct communication with our customers is exceptional throughout the process of doing business with Sam’s Painting, before, during and after. Customer communication is very important to us. We make every effort to answer calls, emails and texts. When you contact Sam’s Painting, we will set up an estimate immediately. We arrange estimate appointment times for exterior or interior measuring for an accurate cost to quote labor and materials needed. No guessing. The importance of taking the time to meet with customers is invaluable. We get the right information to understand their painting project initially by answering and asking questions at the home to avoid guess work, miscommunications and costly mistakes during a project.


Our estimates are professional, clear and thorough to provide the best information to our customers. We list what we will paint, the coating products, our warranty and the complete cost for the job. There are no hidden fees or costs for a proposed painting project.


During the decision process, we will continue to answer questions regarding labor, materials and our services we will provide to make the best painting contractor decision. For color selections, Sam’s Painting can arrange for a professional Sherwin Williams color consultant to visit the home to work directly with customers to choose colors they will be happy and satisfied with for interior rooms and exterior colors as well.


To us, Superior Quality starts with our commitment to do the excellent work we are skilled at doing, it’s our work ethic, our forty+ years of servicing homeowners in the building and painting industries. When Sam’s Painting is on the job, we don’t work fast and furious to just get done, efficiency is one thing but overlooking what needs to be done to get done quickly is not how we work, this is what sets us apart. We work with our customers and communicate with our customers throughout the project to ensure that we cover the details, tackle any situations that may arise from plaster and stucco repairs to rotted wood. Sam and Patrick know home building with their years of experience. Customers who choose Sam’s Painting for our Superior Quality receive unbeatable value for results that will last longer and look beautiful for years when compared to discount painting companies.


Once we have left the job it doesn’t’ end there. Should there be a question regarding the finished project we want our customers to let us know we are here to answer any questions or concerns. Sam’s Painting prides itself on the high percentage of repeat customers who return for the next project on their list. We know we have met our expectations of how we work when our customers refer us to their neighbors, friends and family. 


at Sam’s Painting we MEAN WHAT we say… here’s a Common Scenario…


You are looking to have your home painted in and out, so you ask a family member, “do you know a good painter?” He or she says, “I sure do, I used Sam’s Painting in New Smyrna Beach they were the best! They were neat and clean, showed up every day, very dependable and I trusted them to get the job done right and we love the new colors. They didn’t do just a good job – they went above and beyond.”