Best Colors for Better Night's Sleep

Yes, there really are certain colors for bedroom walls that can make a difference for a better night’s sleep. What recently sparked my interest in this subject of sleep and color was  a recent email to Sam’s Painting from Sherwin Williams  with a headline “5 Colors For A More Satisfying Slumber.”  There are some beautiful bedroom colors you see can so take a minute to check out these great colorful bedroom photos at

My recent research lead to me to a credible site There I uncovered that the psychology of color is a science within itself. It states, that the magic of blue, you will get more rest with a bedroom painted with blue walls. Blue is picked up by the retina and its receptors in the eye; these specialized receptors, ganglion cells in the eye, actually relay information to a particular part of the brain, there is a 24-hour rhythm that controls physical performance during the day. It's fascinating the expansive research that has been developed on the subject of color and sleep to read and learn more go to

Blues, silvers, yellows, greens and even some oranges can invoke relaxation and calmness to promote sleep. According to the experts on best colors for sleep, purples, browns, bright golds and reds are some of the colors you may want to give more thought to before having your painting contractor paint your bedroom walls these colors, it is believed certain colors may not invoke res and who doesn't want a nights sleep! 

Color is certainly an individual’s choice. At Sam’s Painting we purchase hundreds of gallons paint in hundreds of colors over a course of a year. When asked for color recommendations for bedrooms we want to help our customers with useful, credible information so they make the best color choice. When tackling that next bedroom painting project give it some extra thought so you can wake up refreshed and ready to go and happy with your new bedroom color.

When You Feel Black and White...Be Sure to DREAM in COLOR


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