Why is Paint Sheen Important When Painting?

How Shiny Do You Want Your Paint To Be?

Your contractor is ready to paint and recommends the satin sheen for your interior walls, flat for your ceilings and for the house exterior a satin paint sheen.  Puzzled, you ask what’s the difference?  Paint sheen is important for appearance and maintenance.

 Here are few quick tips giving you the pros and cons of each paint sheen and why certain sheens are recommended for certain applications.

The Five Paint Sheens are: Flat, Satin, Semi-gloss and High gloss.


PROS:    Hides imperfections on walls and ceilings. Great choice for interior ceilings.

CONS:   Tough to clean surface of grease, hand prints and marks.               


PROS:    Most popular. Slight shine, warm glow. Excellent for all interior rooms and exteriors. Ideal for kids rooms, baths and kitchens. Easy to clean.

CONS:   Will show surface imperfections such as slight wall cracks, areas that have not been pathed well.


PROS:    Brightens with a shiny finish.  Interior & Exterior trim, windows, doors…many uses. Cleans easily.

CONS:   Imperfections noticeable.


PROS:    Highest shine available. Brings attention to any surface. Best used for interior surfaces    baseboards, trim, windows. Tough, durable finish.

CONS:   Imperfections stand out. Low luster paints recommended for exteriors.

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