What's the Difference Between Budget and Expensive House Paint?

What are the real differences between lower, cheaper paints when compared to higher costs paints. Is there a difference? Some will say no, it’s only the price. Of course, at Sam’s Painting we want to give our customers the real facts. So, we dug deeper than most and here are the major differences other than price.

Number one reason: It’s how it made! Cheaper flat paint is manufactured thinner than a higher priced, quality paint. Most paints used today are water based, cheaper paints are thinner because they use more water. That makes sense. With any product or material made from paint to shoes. There’s a big difference between man-made leather and real leather. We all know which one will last longer and look better and wear for years to come.

Why should the paint you put on your walls in your home or in on your house be any different? Choosing a quality paint in important to the durability, wear, coverage, color and even odor. Paint is made with complex pigments, binders and solvents. It’s comes down to the paint manufacturer’s basic business philosophy … make it low cost with fillers, cheaper pigments and binders.

Coverage the most important difference. More money is spent buying more paint to cover the streaks and poor coverage. Cheap paint drips and splatters. More time is wasted with more coats and more clean-up. The $25 a gallon paint becomes $50 since twice is needed. In the end—it never looks the same as better quality paint when the job is complete.

Professional painting contractors want to give their customers a superior outcome for their home and want to back their work with quality paint coatings where the color will remain vibrant and durable for today’s lifestyle’s. In the end, you save money by painting less often and have beautiful long-lasting results.