How to Choose Exterior House Colors

Time to repaint your home’s exterior? Repainting is an investment in maintaining and improving the value of your home. Next -  you think color. Do you want to change the body color, the trim, the door or maybe you want a complete new look to update your home? 

At Sam’s Painting, we love color – it’s fascinating! Color is always changing. Staying informed of color is important to us when working with our customers for color choices. Because of this, we always turn to the industry experts who develop paint colors, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and other top leaders in the industry for the newest colors created, classic colors are enhanced to harmonize with the current trim and accent colors.

Professional painting contractors will always take the time to help their customers choose the best color schemes for their home. Exterior repainting is usually needed every ten to fifteen years (depending on paint product applied), for that very reason you want to be sure you really like color scheme of your home.  

In a recent article, Boosting Curb Appeal with Color in In Paint Magazine (Silver, 2017) provides advise for creating Color Harmony.                          

 1 – Your neighborhood.

If you live among colorful tropical houses and choose bright purple, orange or pinks it will fit in nicely. However, homes with more subtle color combinations you will want to avoid bright colors. There are many color schemes to choose from to avoid “every home looks the same on your street.”

2 –  Fixed Elements.

Take a close look at the numerous shades of color in brick, stone and concrete. Use color strips  and place them next to these features to select a harmonizing color.  Color samples work the   best when you have narrowed it down to your final favorite

  3 – Architectural Features

  Columns, arches, chimneys, window trim and railings painted with a contrasting accent color        provides interesting curb appeal. By just changing the top handrail with your accent color can add an impact to the curb appeal.                       

  4 – Your Roof

The roof is as prominent as the body, there are many colors speckled in shingles and tile roofs. Most metal roofs are of a solid color. It’s important to consider your roof when choosing a body and trim color.

A few good tips from the color experts - think in threes

  1.     ONE – Body Color
  2.    TWO – Trim Color
  3.    THREE- Entrance Door – Select Bright, Bold, Snappy Color

Your painting contractor or local paint store will have brochures that provide many different color schemes for the body, trim and entrance door, it’s a great way to get started. Your professional painting contractor will be happy to apply samples for you to see the color. Remember, sunlight and shade affect the lightness and darkness of a color, including the time day you look at it. The time you and your contractor take to choose the best colors for your home will result in complete satisfaction of the way your home’s exterior looks.