Why Hire a Professional Painting Contractor?

Three Reasons: Time -  Safety -  Results


The homeowner who tackles a painting project, especially when there are many rooms, or painting the exterior of a home, this is a huge undertaking, will take days or even weeks to finish. What do you do when your done with a ceiling, wall or side of a house or deck and it doesn’t look good? Redo it again? The professional painter will not have streaks, skips or drips. Repainting takes more time and more money…more frustration to get the job done without wasting your spare time. Often, it’s having the right quality roller with the right nap---and the right paint or stain for the job. Of course, the skill to do it right the first time. Pro-painters will save you time and money.


Home designs have reached new heights with higher exterior elevations and interior walls 10’ feet and higher, impressive cathedral and vaulted ceilings that go beyond 14 feet. Exteriors have heights from 20, 30 feet or higher. For the homeowner to paint exteriors and interiors with height they need the right ladder or scaffolding, how to properly set-up and how to safely maneuver around a room or uneven ground for exteriors. This is imperative to prevent injuries.  

Most homeowners do not own ladders that can reach above 10 feet. Falls from ladders are the #1 cause of home accidents according to the Home Safety Council as published by US News Mullins/US News, L. (2009, August 31). The Top 5 Causes of Accidental Home Injury Deaths—and How to Prevent Them. Retrieved July 31, 2017, from  https://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/the-home-front/2009/08/31/the-top-5-causes-of-accidental-home-injury-deathsand-how-to-prevent-them

Balancing on a ladder for hours at a time while painting; this takes experience and often a homeowner who doesn’t go up and down ladders has a difficult time doing this back breaking work. Renting equipment is costly to rent, there is a cost for delivery and set-up. Hiring the professional painter will save you money for renting costly equipment and avoiding accidents and falls.


Prep work is the key to beautiful results for exteriors and interiors. For exteriors, pressure cleaning should never be skipped or the detailed prep work, quality paints and supplies along with experience and skill will give lasting results.

Interior prep work is all about details. Fine sanding after filling holes and cracks, not overlooking one step before applying paint.  Professional painters have the techniques for doors, moldings and trim to be smoothly applied without streaks and runs.

When an experienced and skilled professional painter is hired who delivers quality rarely will a homeowner tackle a home painting project again. The value to the homeowner for paying a professional painter is knowing the job will be done right, with the right products and equipment for a high-quality job that will last years longer.