We Paint Your Home to Perfection

Sam and Patrick take pride in painting your home as though it were our own. The difference is in the details. We use the right paint, rollers, and brushes. We prep all surfaces before we begin painting. It takes extra time to do things right, but it means our work looks good and is worth your investment. 

Confused by Color? No Problem.


The bright Florida sun takes a toll on exterior paint colors, especially reds, blues, and yellows. Lighter colors, like white and pale neutrals, will reflect the sun’s rays. When choosing exterior paint colors, look to materials in your home for inspiration. There are numerous shades in brick, slate, stone and concrete. An asphalt shingle, for example, may have hues of gray-green or gray-blue. Or pick up colors from the landscape, such as shades of green and brown.


If you have a white roof, consider painting the body of your house a dark neutral, such as charcoal gray, and use white for the trim. Also consider your neighborhood. If most of the houses are painted in taupe and ivory, you may want to avoid a bold palette so that you fit in. Finally, never rely solely on paint chips when choosing exterior colors. Apply three-foot samples to the walls so that you can see how they look at different times of day.


When choosing interior colors, you must account for the quality of interior light and the colors of your furnishings. Interior paint colors can dramatically update the style of your home. Even white is a color… and there are cool white versus warm whites in many shades. If choosing colors seems overwhelming, we can work with you to select colors you will love now and for years to come. Sherwin-Williams has several tools that can assist you in choosing colors. ColorSnap® Visualizer for iPhone, or Android all you to match colors in your surroundings to Sherwin-Williams paint colors. You can use ColorSnap® Visualizer for the web to visualize colors in rooms of your own home. 

Residential House Painting Sevices

  • We paint all types of exterior surfaces including stucco, wood, metal
  • We paint and stain patios and pool areas
  • We paint and stain decks and docks
  • We paint soffits and fascia
  • We paint exterior trim, staircases and railings

Preperation steps for exterior painting

1.    Pressure Cleaning 

2.    Seal windows and doors

3.    Sealer applied below foundation

4.    Scrap and sand peeling areas

5.    Repair cracks in stucco

6.    Install new wood where needed.

7.    Apply rust inhibitor to rusted metal / nail heads

8.    Daily clean-up and debris removal

Residential Interior Painting Services

  • We paint walls and ceilings, including textured finishes.
  • We paint and stain doors and windows
  • We paint crown and all trim moldings
  • We are experts at cabinet refinishing
  • We refinish and paint mantels
  • We paint and stain bookshelves
  • We paint paneling and wainscot
  •  We do new installation of baseboard, crown and other moldings

Preparation Steps for Interior Painting


1.    Protect floors and furniture

2.    Fill and sand surface holes

3.    Repair surface cracks

4.    Caulk edges of baseboards

5.    Caulk doors and windows 

6.    Remove and replace outlet & switch plates

7.    Attention to detail for painting edging on wood molding, doors and windows

8.    Replace furniture

9.       Daily clean-up and debris removal